800m Final

Paul above, winning his third Gold @ the European Championships 2019.

  •  A former Qualified UK Athletics coach of 20 years.
  • Currently ranked No.1 in UK 800m 1500m & Mile.
  • Winner of the London Westminster Mile
  • 800m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019
  • 1500m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019
  • 10,000m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019

How Paul won 3 Gold Medals

Having always loved running and sport, he thought we would give people the opportunity to keep fit while on holiday or take a week out for some warm weather training, away from the cold and wet of Northern Europe. Paul found himself somewhat over weight and unfit, having been injured for 22 months, he decided he would get himself back into shape.

Paul bought a sheet of A1 paper, divided this up into 52 weeks and put a programme together. His first race two weeks later was a 10km which he completed in 55:43 and it was tough. Week in, week out, Paul got faster and faster, as the weight came off.

A year later and another sheet of A1 paper was written out with Pauls training. He had just run the same 10km race in 44;15. He new however that to win at the World Championships, this was not fast enough. Paul did however have another 18 months before the WMAC came to Malaga in Spain.

Another year and another sheet of A1 paper, was again written out with Pauls training. Paul had taken the time down further to 37:28, good but again not fast enough. The world Championships came and went and although Paul was in good shape ( apart from a chest infection ) he was not fast enough. He did manage fourth in the 1500m. Paul continued his training through the winter of 2018 and was pleased with his progress. In March 2019 Paul competed in the World Indoor Championships in Poland and coming home with a Bronze ( his first medal ) @ 1500m behind Alfredo and silver medalist Ian Calder.

Paul got back to training and was now confident ( not too confident ) he could win a medal @ the European Championships in Italy in 2019. He entered the 800m, 1500m, 4km x country and 10km track, not knowing which he would run until nearer the time. He decided to drop the 4km because of the scheduling of the events and hoped he would come back with a Gold for the 10km ( although all his training had always been for the 800m ).

Paul ran well and took himself through to the 1500m final, with the 7th fastest time but he new when running heats, its all about saving energy and was pleased with his time. He ran the final tactically very well, taking the front with 600m from the finish. He picked up the pace and ran faster and faster over the final 600m and won by 3 tenths of a second from the World Champion Alfredo Bonetti. His first ever Gold and he felt fabulous, the European Champion !

The following day Paul ran the 10,000m and with a very slow tactical run, Paul sprinted away from the field with 300m to the finish and took the Gold medal 9 seconds in front of the second placed athlete.

Two days later was the 800m final ( which was always the race he wanted to win ) Paul went into the final with the 3rd fastest time, ( 2:18.7 ). His PB was 2:18.6 but he had run faster in training, so he was pleased with the result. Taken though the first lap in 64:4, Paul thought this was far to fast and tried to run a well paced race, going through in 66:5. The two leaders had about 8.5m and Paul thought he was running for Bronze. As the Italian came up on Pauls shoulder with 230m to go, he increased the pace just to hold him off. As they came into the home straight, Paul could see he was actually catching the two runners in front. They were slowing down very fast ( as they set off far to quickly ) as Paul was increasing his speed. The final 100m was Pauls fastest 100m of the race, while the two leaders, were running their slowest 100m of the race. While Paul ran 15.8secs, the leaders took over 17secs and this was enough to see Paul pass both runners to take his third Gold medal of the Championships. How did Paul win three Gold medals. Paul has kept all his A1 paper sheets showing every day of his training for the past three years.

  •  Consistency in training
  •  Focused short & long term goals
  •  Structured training, prevents injury
  •  The right Nutrition
  •  Strength training, for over all fitness